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My K1 Interview Experience - Montreal May 10, 2000

Well your going to get more than just my interview experience here, I am going to give you my entire Montreal trip experience. I promise it will be an interesting one.
My trip started out from Toronto airport; my 8:00 p.m. flight had been rescheduled till 10:00 p.m. I however was lucky cause I got to the airport in time for the 8:00 p.m. flight but I was able to get on the 7:30 flight, though I had to sprint to the gate. The flight was delayed due to weather in Montreal so the plane didn’t took off around 8:00 p.m. During taxiing to the gate after landing in Montreal, the pilot came on and gave us the current weather conditions in Montreal. It was about 25 degrees Celsius when we left Toronto, but when we landed in Montreal he said it was 8 degrees. I was sure wishing that at that point I hadn’t left my coat in my car back in Toronto. After I got off the plane I caught a taxi downtown, the taxi ride was scarier than the flight, I then check in to the hotel. The hotel I stayed at was right across the street from the US consulate; I stayed at La Tour Centre Ville. The room wasn’t too bad; the washroom was a little small, though the room had a small kitchenette. I was able to get good nights sleep for my interview at 8:30 a.m. the morning.
I was up bright and early in the morning so I would be wide- awake and all prepared for my interview. I got to the consulate around 8:00 a.m., I was given an orange number 10 and was passed through security, and told to go down stairs. I was told that at 8:15 a.m. a guy would come and take us up to the 19th floor. However it was the same girl who passed me through security who sent us up to the 19th floor. Once on the 19th floor the waiting really begins. There were lots of people there, all sitting waiting for their numbers to be called. No one talked. Finally they started to call numbers. When my number was called I went to the window; I was given a slip of paper and told to take it to the cashier to pay my visa fee. When I got the cashier’s booth, there was a little sign that said, "Be Back in 5 Minutes". So I waited for the cashier to return, and paid my fee. I returned to the first window I went to (don’t’ remember the window number) the lady took my receipt for the visa fee and asked me for my original documents and their copies. I gave her my passport, birth certificate and its copy, the RCMP police certificate, photos, and the affidavit of support. I asked her if she needed a copy of the RCMP certificate and she said no. She then asked for the medical report, I showed her the HUGE envelope that was sent by courier to me from Dr Seidens office in Toronto. She didn’t want that, only wanted the medical report, I asked her if I should open the envelop I had to get the report out. She instead had me hand her the big envelope through the little tiny hole under the glass. She opened it and snagged what she needed and handed everything else back to me.
After she put all those papers in order she asked for the OF- 156 and its supplement. I gave it to her and told her I had questions in regards to item 31, she said that she would go over the entire form with me. I had an attachment to item 30, item 30 asks about previous visits to the US. She asked me when I was in the US last and how long I was there for. She then crossed out "See Attachment" that I had in the space provided, and wrote in the date that I was in the US last and how long I was there for, she then handed back the attachment I had given her.
She then went over the rest of the form with me, and clearly asked me about item 31. I got that all cleared up and then she stapled my photos to the OF-156, stamped them with a stamp that asked something like "Are you affiliated with a terrorist organization" it had a space to check yes or no. I checked no and signed the forms as requested. I noticed she did not have me sign the supplement to the OF-156. She said for me to take a seat and that my name would be called shortly to go to either interview booth B or C.
I then began waiting some more, at this time I began talking with a lady sitting next to me who was also there for a fiancé visa interview. She was asking about Adjustment of Status procedures, I gave her some information and also directed her to this wonderful newsgroup. We also talked about where we were going and about our fiancé(e)s. At this time a lot of other people in the room were talking amongst each other as well.
After waiting about another half-hour my name was called to go to booth B, I entered and there was a blonde hared girl on the other side of the glass. She asked how my fiancée and I met, when we first met in person, what my fiancée did for a living, and what I do for a living. She then held up an envelope, and asked what was in it. I said, "I am not sure" she then removed the contents, it was the original photographs we had submitted with the I-129F as proof of relationship. She asked me where and what was in each photo, I am sure while reading on the back what my fiancée had written about each one. She then put the photos back in the envelope and handed them back to me to keep. I though that was cool. She then had me sign the supplement to the OF-156 that the first lady didn't have me sign. She also asked why we decided for me to move down to the US, instead of go through the same sort of procedure in Canada. I wasn’t expecting this question, so I was thrown for a bit of a loop LOL. I simply stated that we decided for me to move to the US cause we loved each other and wanted to be together and that my fiancée has an active free lance photography business.
After the questions she told me wait and that the visa would be ready in about half an hour and that I would be called to by name to pick it up. She asked me no other questions, and gave me no other information. I then left the booth.
So the waiting began again. I waited more like an hour and a half; lots of others by this time had already gotten their visas and were on their way. I was starting to wonder what was taking mine so long as people who had interviews behind me had already picked up their visas. But in the end my name was called along with three others to go to window 1 to get our visas. We went to the window and were asked to gather around so she could explain the visas to us. The lady told us not to open the brown envelope and to give it along without passports to the immigration officials at the POE when we entered the US. She also told us about applying for adjustment of status to permanent resident after we married in the US. She said not to the leave the US until we had our green card. The sealed brown envelope had some basic instructions taped to the front of it.
I was then on my way back to the hotel. After calling my sweetie to give her the good news, I checked out of the hotel. I decided that since my flight home wasn’t going to be leaving till 8:00 p.m. that I would go to Planet Hollywood for lunch. However it was pouring rain and just my luck all the cabbies decided they were going to hold a protest strike for whatever reason (There were cabs lined up for miles down the street I was on). There was a lady at the hotel checking out at the same time that had also gotten her fiancé visa; she was headed to the airport to go home, though it was a little tough with no cab to take. However she got lucky and they arranged for a shuttle to pick her up. So she was on her way. Though I was waiting in the hotel lobby for the rain to slow so I could make the fifteen-minute walk to Planet Hollywood for lunch. So I went and had lunch and then walked back to the hotel.
At this time I decided that I should head to the airport, there was a 6:00 p.m. flight that I may be able to take. So I called a cab and began the journey to the airport. This was of course at rush hour, and apparently according the cab driver, the highway system in Montreal isn’t all that great. He said that he should be able to get me to the airport by 5:00 p.m., we were leaving the hotel at around 4:15 p.m., It should take about 20 minutes. We get through all the traffic and to the airport by 5:05 p.m. I get my bags and proceed to check-in. I had an 8:00 p.m. flight, but was able to get on the 6:00 p.m. flight. I then had to rush to the gate again. I paid the $10 tax that Dorval airport has and went through security and proceeded to the gate. My flight however was delayed returning home because of "weather in Toronto". Finally I board the plane shortly after 7:00 p.m. and we are in the air by 7:20 p.m. Of course while on our way to Toronto we are told by the captain that there is increased air traffic over Toronto, and that we will have to circle for a bit, we finally land around 9:40 p.m. Total flight time was about 100 minutes for a 51 minute flight. I then get my luggage and proceed to my car to go home.
The whole experience was interesting. The interview part was rather seamless, probably the easiest part of the trip. Everyone there that I talked to seemed to get the same blonde hared girl doing the interview. It looked as thought there was a lot of people there for K1 interviews. I would say a dozen or more. I didn’t see anyone that was denied his or her visa. While waiting for my visa to be ready, I was talking with a guy going through the same process. He had his interview, and came out with the biographical information form, the OF- 230. He said that they told him that they lost it and to fill it out again. He said that he had faxed it to them and called them to see if they received it and they told him they had. He filled it out again and took it to the window. He said his interview was done and he just had to wait after handing in the OF-230. I hope he made out okay, I don’t know as I had my visa in hand before they called him up to the window.
Everything seemed as expected through out the interview, though the way I actually pictured everything to look really wasn’t how it looked at all. The place was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
Well it has been a pleasure sharing my Montreal experience with the group, I know it is a long one. Looks like I pretty much wrote a novel here. I do hope I have held up to my promise of an interesting experience to share and do hope you are actually able to read this last paragraph and am not asleep LOL.

Take care and good luck to everyone going through their visa applications,

Jer(CAN, Soon to be USA) & Missy(USA)

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